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Welcome to my dividend investing blog. I am a dividend blogger and I created Dividend Driven to track my journey to financial independence by age 70. I believe investing at least 50% of my monthly income into dividend paying ETF's will maximize my passive income during retirement. I also embody the ideals that everyone can exhibit self responsibility and manage their investments themselves. Today we have more access to different types of investments and research tools than we have ever had before. Dividend investing will continue to be a solid investment strategy long-term and it will create an abundance of wealth for the smart investor. Below is my journal of things that I think about when it comes to financial independence.

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Dividend Driven

October 2019 Dividend Income

October 2019 Dividend Driven Update

Monthly Snapshot

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Dividend Income

YOY Dividend Comparison

Spending Plan Results

5 Reasons

Why do some people have different types of investment accounts?

  • They rolled over a 401(k) to an IRA and opened a new 401(k) with their new employer
  • They invest extra money into a brokerage account after maxing out other accounts
  • They prefer tax advantaged accounts like an HSA or Roth IRA
  • Their company offers multiple accounts like and HSA and Roth 401(k)
  • Their company has a 401(k) that can be linked to a brokerage account allowing them to buy many investments

Key Financial Decisions

Smart Choice

Pay yourself first before others

Unwise Choice

Wait until your 50's or 60's to start investing

$1,000 Challenge

What if I had invested $1,000 into two competing companies back in January 2010 and reinvested all of their dividends?

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