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Every paycheck I purposefully decide to invest in US paying dividend stocks to increase my passive income. You get early access of what I purchased before the end of the month when I update the Stockboard with my purchases. You will also see the details of each purchase such as the number of shares, the stock price and the total amount invested into each stock. Typically I make stock purchases twice a month after payday. Usually these purchases will consist of 6 or more stocks on the same day through Fidelity Investments.

Comparing investments can help you decide which stock to purchase or which to invest more into than the other. Each month on the 15th, I select two competitors to analyze using metrics I feel are important for a healthy company. You get to see these exclusive posts outlining my competitive analysis. This also provides insight on how I review a stock before investing. It doesn't have to be complicated when selecting dividend paying investments and my strategy is fairly simple. I highlight 19 criteria for evaluating these stocks and encourage you to build out your own comparison sheets.

I have released my Apple Numbers Dividend Investment Dashboard and Tracking Spreadsheet. Many of you have requested it and I hope you find it useful in following my journey or use it as a template to create your own. I get to use my blog as a tool to track my dividend history but all of the data comes directly from the spreadsheet. You will get exclusive access to this dividend tracking spreadsheet which is updated on the 1st of every month. Currently the Dividend Dashboard has 22 charts. You can easily Filter By Account and/or Filter By Sector and/or Search By Symbol with custom fields inside the spreadsheet. For anyone wanting to see my full list of Investments, you definitely should check out my Dividend Driven Tracker where I show each US company. I will continually add improvements to the spreadsheet to maintain its simplicity and value.

Dividend Tracker Spreadsheet Features & Sneak Peek

Dividend Dashboard Sheet
Password Protection
Dashboard Highlights
Includes 6 2D Pie Charts
Includes 13 2D Vertical Bar Charts
Includes 2 2D Interactive Vertical Bar Charts
Dividend Data Sheet
Filter By Account
Filter By Sector
Search By Symbol
Dividend Investment Portfolio
Dividend Income Summary
Account Summary
Sector Summary
Cost Based On Desired Income
Dividend Income Frequency
Dividend Income Goal By Age
Income Management Sheet
Income & Expenses Summary
Net Worth Summary
Net Worth Goal By Age
What Should My Net Worth Be Now?
Estimated Social Security
Rule of 72
Rule of 25
How Much Do I Need To Have Invested To Replace My Current Income With Dividends?
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  • Dividend Driven Data Sheet